In the summer of 2002, The Photographers’ Gallery in London presented a 20 year survey exhibition of Peter Fraser’s work.

The accompanying book, ‘PETER FRASER’ comprises 76 colour plates and a text by Jeremy Millar looking at the development of Fraser’s work, and its place within contemporary photography.

From ‘Detour and Access’ by Jeremy Millar:

‘Over nearly twenty years, Peter Fraser has established himself as one of Britain’s most influential photographers. One of the first in this country to recognise and embrace the poetic possibilities of colour photography, Fraser has created an extraordinary body of work whilst looking, most often, at the most ordinary of things.’

In describing his practice over this period, Fraser has remarked: “With each series of photographs I choose a different strategy to approach the same underlying preoccupation, which is, essentially, trying to understand what the world around me is made of, through the act of photographing it “.